Arjuna Yoga, Aspen Colorado

At Arjuna Hot Yoga we provide both creative, dynamic, energized vinyasa flow as well as deep-stretching, static, restorative postures all practiced in a warm environment.

Our heated studio accelerates the warming of the body, increasing the blood circulation and sweating, cleansing and detoxifying our bodies releasing the stress and calming our minds. Our talented and inspirational instructors emphasize the fluidity and flow of the asanas and the importance and calming power of fusing the breath with the motion. So please join us in our beautiful studio, feel the warmth and energy and let us help you warm your body and calm your mind.

Yoga in Aspen – Offers and Announcements

Teacher Training

Next Training Dates:
July 26th – August 23rd
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Special Offer:

Free Yoga for Aspen High School students.
Monday through Thursday during the last class of the evening also Friday at 4pm.
Come and enjoy the many benefits of hot yoga!
Namaste, Arjuna Yoga

Yin Yoga

Enjoy Free Yin Yoga during the last Friday of every month from 7:45pm – 8:45pm.

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